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Let me guess, you don’t want to fix a tenant’s broken toilet or worry about which background company to use to screen your potential tenants?

You may live out of the city or you are possibly a foreign property investor and find it difficult to keep up with all the ever-changing Boston property laws and regulations.

Do you have a property investment but don’t want to deal with the hassles of managing it?

Let us do all the heavy lifting and let you ENJOY your property investment.

Here at Uptown Realty, we are a full-service property management company that has managed Boston real estate properties since 1997.

We have built a reputation that exceeds rental property owners’ expectations with our service.

We are constantly striving to excel in our high standards of property management.

We treat your real estate investment like it is our own property.

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Property Management Services

Some of the Property Management Services We Cover:

  • Emergency Oncall 24/7 (owner, tenant, Police & Fire) Uptown Realty is open 7 days a week
  • Prompt & clear communication between Uptown Realty, Owner, and Tenants
  • Attracting & Screen Tenants that include full marketing duties, background checks and extensive due diligence
  • Monthly tenant rent collection & billing
  • Tenant Eviction Legal Coordination
  • Routine Facility Management of routine services – Lawn, weed abatement, & snow removal, etc.
  • Utility Bill Payment Services
  • Maintenance Cost Control- prior owner authorization for repairs exceeding $250
  • Vendor Management & Coordination of service; bids for quality work at fair cost
  • Renovation & rehab management
  • Regular reviews & inspections of properties to ensure tenants are meeting rental obligations
  • Move-in and Move-out Supervision including unit preparation
  • Account Receivable & Payable Reporting
  • Monthly Detailed Financial Reporting

The list above is to give you an idea of the many services that we provide to you as a client of ours. Please give us a call today at 617-975-3100 to answer any of your other questions.

Our commitment to excellence includes constantly researching the evolving Metro Boston real estate market to ensure your financial success with your investment.

We currently manage over 100 units in the local Boston area.

Whether you own an apartment or property rental that’s 25 or 2500 miles away from where you live, partnering with the best property manager will save you a great deal of time, increase your bottom line, ensure consistent maintenance, and reduce overall liability.

Boston Areas of Specialty for Rental Property Management

We have close ties to the city of Boston. It is a large city that spans an area of 90 miles, so you need an expert in the right neighborhoods.

Call us today at 617-975-3100 to get started with property management.

We currently manage property in the following areas of Boston:

  • Allston
  • Brighton
  • Brookline
  • Back Bay
  • Cambridge/Somerville
  • Fenways/Kenmore

7 Compelling Reasons to Hire an Expert Property Management Company

There are many reasons to hire an experienced Boston property management company such as Uptown Realty. It can mean the difference between turning a profit or taking a loss.

We understand that hiring a rental management company is not for everyone. There are certainly many factors that go into the decision that one needs to examine.

Here are some of the advantages that we have heard from our satisfied clients as to reasons why they choose us as their property management service.


  1. You don’t live near your properties. You may live across the city & state or be a foreign investor. You need someone like Uptown Realty on the ground to handle whatever issues may arise.
  2. You have multiple apartment properties or rental units to manage. Managing 1 property is enough work, nevermind 3 or 4 properties. You will benefit greatly from 1 company managing all your properties.
  3. You have very little time to manage properties. We hear this often of how much time we have saved for our clients. Your time is invaluable and you don’t want to spend it traveling back and forth for minor property issues or maintenance.
  4. You don’t want to be a hands-on property manager. You may just want to step back and look at your property as an investment and don’t want much to do with day-to-day management.
  5. You are unaware of Boston Housing & Property Laws. There are certain laws and responsibilities that come with renting out your property. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law. We stay on top of all the current and new regulations to ensure compliance.
  6. Don’t mind investing in your property. We understand that there is a fair & reasonable investment that you will pay for our services. The trade-off is you gain is time, experience, and greater peace of mind. Your overall management costs can actually reduce in some instances & situations.
  7. Marketing and Advertising Your Property. Our experience of over 23 years in the real estate market gives us an edge in the Boston area. We ensure to get you the best possible return on your investment in this ever-changing market. Turning over a property needs to be done quickly and swiftly and we limit the time of any vacancy.

    Call us today at 617-975-3100 to get started with property management.

Special Note for Foreigners Investing in Rental Property

Investing in property in the US is a solid investment strategy that will payoff in dividends in the years to come. The Boston real estate market is prime with opportunities to make a sound investment.

You do want to ensure that you have an experienced real estate property management company that can handle transactions from foreign investors.

We have references available from many of our property management clients including investors that live outside the USA.

Call us today at 617-975-3100 for any questions.

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